Rocksmith 2014 DLC 07/26/2016 – Pixies

Hey Rocksmith fans!

This week’s DLC sees the return of one of the greatest alternative bands of all time: Pixies! The last time we saw them was ALL THE WAY back in 2013 when we received Here Comes Your Man as one of the final bits of content for the original Rocksmith.

All four songs this week come from the most well known and beloved Pixies album: 1989’s Doolittle. Kicking off the pack is Debaser, then we ride on a Wave of Mutilation, followed by Monkey Gone to Heaven, and then rounding off the pack is Hey.

Pixies Song Pack – $9.99 / Steam

It’s all E Standard this week folks!

So tell us, does this pack make you feel like you’ve gone to heaven or does the very sight make you want to start slicing up eyeballs? Let us know!