Rocksmith DLC – 1/17 “ROCK HITS 60’S-70’S”

Rocksmith’s FaceBook page has been bustling lately with requests for “more classic tunes” and less “Black Keys” so it comes as no surprise that this week is the second incarnation of their “Rock Hits 70s” Pack!

Featuring David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” Heart’s “Barracuda,” and Blue Oyster Cult’s epic “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” these songs will definitely keep you busy till the 31st.

“Rock Hits 60’s-70’s” (Singles)

Each song will be available for individual purchase only for $2.99 on the Playstation network and 240 Microsoft points on Xbox Live.

I’ve heard from the developers that one of the issues to be patched on Xbox 360 relates to “Packs” which may be why “The Black Keys Pack” was a PSN only affair. We’ll keep you posted.

Is multiple artists from a specific time period the kind of DLC you want from Rocksmith? Let us know in the comments below!