Rocksmith DLC 4/2 – Rock Hits 1970s 02

Allman Brothers Band - Brothers and Sisters

Today’s Rocksmith DLC contains three singles from the 1970s!

Additionally, (as speculated in March) if you are one of those strange people that hasn’t bought Whipping Post or Jessica yet, you can now buy The Allman Brothers Band Song Pack.

Are you loving the classic hits? Or do you want something more modern? Let us know!

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Patrick Pomerleau

This page is what we get when we search for Modest Mouse and click on Rock Hits 70s 3 (Singles)… So it’s a bad link…

Riff Repeater


Patrick Pomerleau

Another one that mistakenly point here when searching for CCR’s Born on the Bayou, which it’s suppose to be in this pack Rock Hits 60s (Singles)
Correct link should be


The CCR song felt rushed. At the same price as other songs I was hoping for more than a 4 chord strum along in truth. There seemed to be little effort made on it which is really sad for such a good song.


dat elison what a hunk