Rocksmith Remastered DLC 7/11/2017 – The Strokes II

Hello Rocksmith fans!

This week’s DLC is a four pack from New York City’s garage rock revival superstars, @TheStrokes!

As revealed last week, You Only Live Once (First Impressions of Earth – 2006), and through Sunday’s reveal Someday (Is This It – 2001) both will appear in the pack. Additionally revealed by Xbox AUTaken For A Fool (Angles – 2011), and last but not least it’s time for 12:51 (Room on Fire – 2003).

The Strokes II – $9.99 / Steam

Hope the bassists don’t mind tuning down a string

Are you excited about the four new songs from @TheStrokes being added to the always growing Rocksmith Library? Or were you hoping for some deeper cuts? Let us know!

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April 24, 2020 9:38 pm

The trailer video is missing.

July 13, 2017 3:45 pm

YES! Already hoping for pack 3.

Chris S
Chris S
July 10, 2017 10:53 pm

Hard to resist these songs but I yearn for the indie sound of pavement, sebadoh and sonic youth