DLC Round-Up: June 2017


Hello, Rocksmith fans, and welcome to another edition of the Rocksmith DLC Round-Up!

Before we get to June, let’s see how you voted for May:

Looks like those ’60s and ’70s classics from the Mix Tape Pack came out on top! Sorry, Dead-heads…

June was a month full of neat surprises and returning favorites; Surf Rock II gave us the long-awaited Rocksmith debut of the Beach Boys along with three other surfin’ classics, Live gave us some Alt-Rock, Variety Pack X saw the return of Kiss and Pantera along with the addition of much-needed punk and country in Jace Everett and X. We closed out the month with the bluesy southern rock of Alabama Shakes.

Bassists had a nice month, let’s see what was on offer:

A varied, driving, rockabilly-style bassline courtesy of Brian Wilson.

Great for practicing chromatic walks.

When this bassline picks up, it’ll do some bass things to you…

It might look tame at first, but just wait for the halfway point…

Interesting use of Bass power chord arpeggios in this one by Live.

And of course, we can’t forget the great guitar variety on offer:

See if you can handle Dimebag’s killer solo.

There’s some interesting chord work on the rhythm chart here that isn’t present on the lead chart. Both are worth checking out.

A slightly more basic song great for arpeggio practice.

All of the Surf Rock songs are great on guitar; check out this one eventually made famous by Dick Dale and SRV.

Those who fear re-tuning can rest easy knowing that E standard and Eb were the only tunings this month:

Arrangement E Standard Eb Standard
Lead 11 6
Rhythm 11 6
Bass 11 6

No Alt arrangements either, but still a lot of E!

Which brings one question to everyone’s minds:

Dearly sorry for the delay in posting this. Have fun, everyone, keep rockin’, and see you next month!

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July 13, 2017 3:44 pm

I would say overall surf rock wins for me, but I’ve been playing that rhythm track from Gimme All Your Love for like a week now, it’s so good!