Rumour: Rocksmith 2 Confirmed?

Just a small little tidbit of info this week before we receive our third DLC hint for next week’s Rocksmith DLC.

NeoGAF is a great forum to be on if you are into video games. The site has been known to have various people from within the industry participate, and additionally has been used by developers and publishers to monitor feedback on their products.

Last week a post was made in the Rocksmith Official Topic thread that I think you’ll all find very interesting.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 10.33.13 PM

fyi, a “rocksmith 2” showed up on partnernet recently w/ december release date. idk if it means anything, could just be a placeholder which is pretty common

PartnerNet, for the unaware, is the name of the developers-only alternative Xbox Live network used by developers to beta test game content downloads, and games developed for Xbox Live Arcade. PartnerNet runs on Xbox 360 debug kits, which are used both by developers and by the gaming press. (Wikipedia)

Now of course this is only a rumour, but I had heard (through an anonymous source) about the Heavy Metal Gear Pack being tested on PartnerNet before the game was even released, and a Holiday release would be very much in line with a possible reveal at E3 2013 or maybe even a month before.

Rocksmith 2 is beginning to look more and more like a sure thing while BandFuse gets further and further away from their Spring 2013 release date…


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Safety Razors

A Rocksmith 2 is needed to improve the flow and menu selection along with level selection from the start.


Bandfuse looks night and day better than Rocksmith.

Steve Garvey

Elliott, since your in Canada don't you have to use both rumor and rumour?

Steve Garvey

I'm still thinking Bandfuse is vaporware!


they need to fix the freeze fault !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps3


If ubisoft do a RS2 it should be on ps3 so we can still use all the d/l songs we paid for and can still d/l upcoming songs otherwise we all have to fork out to pay for songs on ps4?


Jayson Kuti

maybe so, but being able to form a band with people from around the world, then write, and upload songs you wrote sounds neat to me.


What's a rumour? 🙄

Yes, Ubisoft is French, but isn't the Rocksmith team in San Fran, making this a rumor?



60 bucks for 50 new songs and new features im in


Well it was mentioned on Twitter by Paul Cross that he went to meet up with the big wigs about the future and he replied that while he couldn't talk about it at the moment it's all good.

Dorkmaster Flek
Why would you not want a Rocksmith 2? Rocksmith was a great first effort, but there is definitely room for improvement, especially with a year and a half of hindsight. The menu interface in general needs an overhaul, especially the song selection interface. It just plain sucks. I have to assume that all DLC will work with the new game, because obvious feature is obvious. The on-disc RS1 songs, I'm not sure about, but they should be able to offer some kind of import system a la Rock Band and Dance Central. On the PC, that issue might be entirely… Read more »
Jacob B.


😀 I will see you all then!!! Maybe they can release DLC as quickly as the ridiculous games like Rockband and such can…


I'm not very familiar with PartnerNet but if it's for testing of Xbox Live content then why would a presumed disc-based game be doing on there? Perhaps it's another major update to the existing RS game, similar to the bass add-on.

Or actually, maybe there was DLC on there for a game titled "Rocksmith 2". That's also possible.


Maybe Rocksmith 2 is Bandfuse, renamed.

Either way, I didn't want a sequel. I'll get it anyway, but…


God i hope not, Bandfuse looks so damn ugly