Song Speculation: Creedence Clearwater Revival returns to Rocksmith

Hello Rocksmith fans!

The clue from RollingStone222 has been posted and solved and it looks like we are finally getting a song pack from Creedence Clearwater Revival!

Let’s take a look at the clue.

via Minky

Yep, and then @UbiParadise confirmed it

Join us as we go rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river next week.

The Creedence Clearwater Revival song pack features three songs including “Proud Mary” and comes out on Tuesday, December 13th.

As always, stay tuned this weekend for another song reveal.


Only three songs? While disappointing this will also bring up the CCR total in the Rocksmith library to five total, and @DanAmrich also took the time to explain that CCR wasn’t exactly easy to license (music licensing amirite?)

CCR has had their share of content in music games. There’s a lot to cover for @RockBand so I’ll just leave this here

* indicates a cover version

Guitar Hero also received Up Around the Bend (Guitar Hero World Tour) and Commotion (Guitar World Tour DLC) in addition to Proud Mary, Bad Moon Rising, and Travellin’ Band through a Guitar Hero 5 DLC pack.

So what other two songs could join Proud Mary? These should be fairly obvious.

What follows is speculation

Can you hear the helicopter?

Not the most complex song but still a desirable song to learn to this day

This is very wishful thinking…

@OsagaTheGreat’s pick: One of the best atmospheric guitar parts in the CCR catalogue and a fantastic droning tone to match. This song would be perfect for the game in every way

Are you excited for three more songs from Creedence Clearwater Revival or are you going to see what the final DLC of 2016 delivers (Holiday Sneer). Let us know!




28 thoughts on “Song Speculation: Creedence Clearwater Revival returns to Rocksmith

  1. “Bad moon rising”? Okay….I love CCR. They were my very first concert. I will buy any CCR dlc but I have to say so far this is a disappointment pack. The third song might as well be ” looking out my back door” for a CCR lulliby pack and then we can have separate CCR toe-tapper pack with “travelin’ man”, ” up around the bend”, “down on the corner” and “fortunate son”.

  2. “Run Through The Jungle” with harmonica solo arrangement for guitar! Just kidding, although I wouldn’t put it past them.

    1. Wow first time hearing this as well. Pretty good. This would fulfill my wish for some Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac. Put it on the list.

  3. Awesome! It’s a shame its not a fiver but maybe there will be some leftovers that will turn up later in variety packs (or a 70’s pack!). Really hoping that “up around the bend”, “down on the corner”, ” travelin’band” or “heard it through the grapevine” are the other two and not “Suzy Q” and “fortunate son”.

  4. Very jacked for this. Suppose no 11-minute plus version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”? I’ll take whatever there is.

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