Speculation: Rocksmith Newsletter hints at January 2018 DLC

Hello Rocksmith fans!

We got the newsletter today in addition to the clue for next week’s DLC!

Let’s see what @DanAmrich and @UbisoftStudioSF are hinting at for the first month of 2018’s Rocksmith DLC schedule!

Let’s take care of the easy one…

Ain’t it fun

Well, that’s 2/6 songs confirmed for the Paramore Song Pack!


More 70s classics are on the way

Maybe it’s time for 70s Mix III?

Here are three songs not in Rocksmith yet…

as is a major artist’s third song pack

Oooh, a lot to choose from here!

Courtesy of  MartynQ

Pretty confident it’s not Jimi, and I think it’s a bit too soon for Johnny… So what else could it be?

It’s most likely Foo Fighters, they always have tons of content in music games!

How much do you hate your fingers?

This would probably be a big seller

Just to get this song right?

Yeah, we better turn tha bass up on this one

I’d be fine with it!


my dear?

This is probably a clue right?

2000s Mix IV?

What do you think @UbisoftStudioSF and @Rocksmithgame are hinting at this month? Do these hints excite you? Let us know!



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Just throwing this out there. Does Breezin’ by George Benson make the cut? That was 70s right?

What about Doo Waa Diddy -- Zapp,
Get Up-James Brown
I’d Rather Be With You -- Bootsy Collins?

Prescott Small

I am suspect 3rd song pack release may be to help promote a new album and tour. I also think the first half of 2016 or older would be more likely as well. I am also of the mind that Hendrix, KISS and The Doors are unlikely.

From the list with new album and tour from 2018 are:
The Foo Fighters
RATM -- is just a rumor right now

I see nothing from anyone else so My best guess would be Foo Fighters.

I would certainly like to see more Rush.


Happily take a third pack from any of:

Foo Fighters
Pearl Jam
Alice in Chains

…but there are plenty that still need a second pack, so hoping for revisits to Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead at the very least this year, as they are some of the older packs who both featured on disc too but we haven’t had more of in ages.

Riff Repeater

>Alice in Chains

Well, I think it’s a bit soon for a third pack


Agreed! I would LOVE another SP pack!!! Radiohead is one of my favorite bands, too.


Oh man, I’m liking this. I hope the third pack is RATM or Rush and if we get any Bee Gees I hope it’s “You Should be Dancing” for the killer bass line.


a cool 70s song on guitar would be bowie’s station to station


I think it’s kind of soon for anything mid ’16 and later. Would love to see more Black Keys to include Dead and Gone and SInister Kid.

Would love to see Green Day show up again.

For the 70s, although I’m still waving the flag for P-Funk (Maggot Brain, Funkintelechy, Mothership Connection), it’s about time for a little more Fleetwood Mac.

Other thoughts as they fit into this month’s clues: Still missing
RATM -- Guerrilla Radio
Heart -- Magic Man
Santana -- In a Silent Way
Pat Benetar -- Heartbreaker
Aerosmith -- Last Child

Joseph McMirra

Maggot brain!


Please, a third DLC of Rise Against, Foo Fighters, Green Day or Blink-182 *_* this month sounds exciting! I must confess that I would buy any song from Rise Against or Blink-182

Dank Vader

I wonder if the returning artist could be a band that had on disc songs from OG and 2014 (Nirvana, Rolling Stones). I saw Foo Fighters live for the first time last month and was thinking we could use some songs from their last couple albums.

Riff Repeater

I think it’s a third pack so that implies a “DLC artist” would love to have some more Nirvana or Stones though

Chris S

The doors first album just had 50th anniversary that would be awesome if it’s another doors pack so many great tracks left like the end, soul kitchen, Crystal ship


70s classics -- Funkadelic -- Maggot Brain hype!


You want to start the year off right, this is a GREAT way to do it.

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Riff Repeater

I approve of this Maggot Brain related message

Joseph McMirra


Joseph McMirra
I hope Mumford gets a entire pack, good at nailing the clue. It’s prob Foo fighters…but let’s just dream it’s a offspring, blink, green day or mcr pack with some deep cuts, doubtful. Maybe in the future. But yeah I’m guessing sky is a neighborhood, all my life, if it’s a Foo pack. Rage would be interesting. Gurella radio and many others I’d welcome. I could also totally see a disturbed pack with stupify, sound of silence and liberate on it. Be nice to have the game as another track. Then you would have the 1st 4 tracks off the… Read more »
Casey Blandford

I’m hoping for Foo Fighters, Megadeth, Rush, or RATM pack III. We are sorely in need of some songs from Foo Fighters’ first album. Also, Freedom has always seemed like a gaping hole in Rage’s RS catalog. Megadeth still has a vast catalog to choose from as well. I would love to see She-Wolf make it to the game, or even Sleepwalker, or Dread and the Fugitive Mind.


Damn I would LOVE if we could get Weight of Love by the Black Keys. I’d love Strokes III also!