Song Speculation: Ubisoft Figures Out how to get Royal Blood

Hello Rocksmith fans!

The forums had a nasty login glitch but we still figured out what is coming next week to Rocksmith Remastered’s always growing DLC library!

Let’s check out the clue.

It’s a GIF, what password will unlock it?

Magic Eye?

Bassists get ready!

Awesome, and it’s a three pack!

For those unfamiliar with @royalblooduk wikipedia will assist with that…

Royal Blood consists of lead vocalist and bass guitarist Mike Kerr, born on 19 June 1989, and drummer Ben Thatcher, born on 12 February 1988…

.. Wait a second, where’s the guitarist?!

Mike Kerr splits his Bass signal into both a Guitar/Bass Amp! It turns out it’s the bassist that doesn’t need a guitarist afterall! As for what pedals Mike uses, he ain’t saying much

@royalblooduk has had two appearances in music games. In Rock Band 4 DLC, Figure It Outand in Guitar Hero Live Little Monster.

What two other songs could we see next week?

What follows is speculation

A lot of their videos are NSFW…

Brendan West would have fun with this one.

I think this one is pretty obvious √

Are you excited to learn and experience these bass driven charts? Or is this just another gimmicky band to you. Let us know!


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Too bad Kerr is too egocentric to realize his music would sound better with a guitar in the mix.


Excellent addition, these guys are a great band with awesome tunes. I’ll be figuring out these ones for sure. And a three pack! Saw the guys at Bridlington and you need not be concerned on the guitar front, not missed at all. So come on over da da dada da daaaaaa))))))))))))


This band is NEW MUSIC Awesome. We need some Red Light Kings, Pop Evil, Boba Flex and Royal Bliss. Kid Rock & U.P.O.


It’s sad what passes for “talent” these days. But I suppose when you have a culture of self-entitled brats that would rather steal from great artists than support them then this is what you’re left with.

Riff Repeater

I’m confused… What did they steal?


Nothing. He’s just a typical DLC detractor.


You get lost! A detractor? Hardly. But I have a right to my opinion so can it, buddy!

Do you really think its a coincidence that all the best DLC for this game has been music from a decade and older?

Do some actual thinking before commiting it to the digital page.


Then get lost if you’re gonna come here and be a DLC detractor in a way.

Chris S

That live performance above is something else. How do they sound so good with just a bassist and drummer. Rocksmith is so good at introducing people to lesser known bands that are doing something unique and great.

Captain Trips

I have requested these guys multiple times! They are one of my favourite bands. Check out Out of the Black. I hope it’s in next week’s pack.


Thanks for the reccomendation mate, I’m kinda interested in this band now.

Riff Repeater

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Never heard of them… looks interesting. Might be a more rhythm oriented DLC for guitarists, so still not sure what to think about that one. I’ll have to watch the stream to figure it out. :p


It is so great to see “that other instrument that rocksmith supports” getting some legitimate love and attention this week! With this type of DLC and more frequent bonus bass arrangements Bass players might actually begin to feel more included around here. :D. Enjoy those faux guitar charts guys, fair’s fair and remember, at least you will be given something to play along to. It used to be that bass players didn’t even get that courtesy when songs without bass were released. :).