Song Speculation: Green Day welcomes us to 2018

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Rocksmith had hinted that a major artist would get a third song pack, and after solving RollingStone222’s clue this week, it looks like we have our answer!

Let’s check it out…

No GIF this week!


Sounds right to me also!

Yup! Wow that was a fast solve!

aaaand it’s a FIVE pack!

This brings the total of @GreenDay songs in Rocksmith Remastered to 14!

What other four songs could join Welcome to Paradise in next week’s song pack?

What follows is speculation

Sorely missing from the second pack, I’d say this one is a lock

I’d be shocked if this wasn’t included, but we just got a Paramore DLC without Misery Business

You’d really get your $2.99 USD value for this one!

How many times has this song been predicted now?

You know I cannot lie, I really want this song in the pack!

I forgot about this weird music video they released 

Are you excited for the THIRD pack of hits from @GreenDay, or is this the third Green Day pack you’ll be passing on? Let us know!