Rocksmith 2014 DLC 1/27/2015 – Three Days Grace


Hello Rocksmith fans!

This week’s DLC is a five pack coming to us courtesy of Canadian rockers Three Days Grace!

Three of the tracks come to us from their critically acclaimed 2006 album One-X, represented here with Animal I Have Become, Never Too Late, and Riot. The other two come to us from their 2003 self-titled debut (Just Like You), and 2009’s Life Starts Now (Break). With this, as well as I Hate Everything About You from WAAAAAAAAAY back when, there’s definitely a strong library of Three Days Grace songs in Rocksmith 2014!

Yet again, we have another week of drop tunings, so if you have some kind of moral opposition to leaving E Standard, this may not be your week.

Three Days Grace Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

Happy with the choice of songs, or is your favourite missing from this release? Let us know in the comments!