Rocksmith Remastered Screenshots and Info



Hey Rocksmith fans!

The countdown to October’s patch update has begun.

If you haven’t read up on the Rocksmith: Remastered info be sure to check this article out!

Those of you that caught last week’s live stream will have seen these screen shots already, but here is a chance to go over them in more detail.

We were treated to a screen shot showing some of the new filtering options in use:

“Love” is used as the filter in this example, we were also told that anywhere the text appears; track or artist name for eg, will be displayed as a result with this filter. Console users were told that they can use their controller to enter text via the console interface and that external USB keyboards are supported.

If there is DLC you don’t own but matches the search you put in, it will also show up in your song list – at the bottom. The example given in the video was “The Offspring” the songs of theirs you own will be at the top of the list, the ones you don’t will be below them – so you can see if there are other tracks available by the band that you may have not known about, but that won’t be obtrusive if you don’t want to buy that track.

Note that the button to tag a song as a favourite appears to be changed, currently it is the “8” key on PC, here it is shown as the “+” key. We still have the path indicator in the top right and the “CTRL” key to change that, the new method of selecting paths quickly is still unknown at this stage.

We can also appear to filter the entire catalogue, by our own saved “Song List 1” by using the “ALT” key. (more on this later)

The “Sort by” list (accessed via the “TAB” key on PC) is next – and those of you that are used to using this feature should notice two new additions:

“Last Played” is obvious since Dan kindly highlighted it for us in the screen cap, but we also have the “Date Added” option as well.

We have been told that this is the date the track was added to the Rocksmith Catalogue, not the date you purchased it; there is already a user started poll on the UbiSoft Rocksmith Forums asking users to specify their preference for this, but it is probable that this feature is locked as advertised and not likely to change.

Where it does seem this option will be significantly more useful is within the Shop, since you can also sort in the Shop by date added now.

Last screen shot:

Dan was very quick to point out that the song lists are not re-nameable – nor are they a setlist or playlist with a saved order, they are a “bucket” that the songs are piled into. Think of it as now having 5 separate lists of “favourites” and you will get an idea about how they will function.

Of these, I personally think that entering text to filter tracks will be my most used new feature of those that we have seen.


Which feature do you think you’ll use most?  How do you think you’ll use the 5 favourites lists (4 song lists and old favs)?  Will you separate them by tuning, genres, impossible songs, super easy, mastered or some other method?  Let us know in the comments below!