Song Speculation: REO Speedwagon takes us back to the 80s

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Another week, another clue reveal from RollingStone222!

Let’s check out what they’re hinting at this time.

No GIF unlock this time, just a lot of math!

1905 – 1975?



Now we just need confirmation

Awesome! Let’s go back to the 80s (Again)

Also I have to point out this tweet of this thing I didn’t know existed…

What other two songs might join @kcreospeedwagon in next week’s 80s Mix III?

What follows is speculation

@pcgamingisted is still hoping for this one

@forrest11903 is hoping to see INXS make their debut with this riffy single

Come on, let’s get that Toto three pack assembled!

Are you excited for this third trip back to the 80s? Or is REO Speedwagon something that sends you running. Let us know!


Queen “I Want It All”