Song Speculation: Rocksmith brings us Rockin’ Covers next week


Hello Rocksmith fans!

RollingStone222’s clue has been posted and solved, and it looks like we are in for something a bit different next week!

Let’s check it out.

It’s a GIF!

Some excellent movie quotes, what’s the common theme?


Anyone catch that?


Well I’ll be…

Nailed it!

@SeetherOfficial returns to Rocksmith!

A pack of Rock Covers? What a great idea, and there sure is a a lot to choose from. Could bands from the Rocksmith library return in this mixed pack? Who knows!

What follows is speculation

There’s many covers of this Gerry Rafferty classic, but this is definitely one of the best

How many Ska covers do you figure could be included?

I’d usually leave it to the comments section…

We already have one George Michael song in this pack, but I’d be fine with it…

Show of hands, how many people knew this was a Slade cover?

ugh, this is going to be in there isn’t it…

Are you excited for a pack full of Rockin’ Covers? Or would you rather have the originals? Let us know!