Song Speculation: Skid Row goes wild on Rocksmith

Hello Rocksmith fans!

The clue for next week’s DLC has been posted and solved! If you were wondering who will usher in the 1000th DLC song in the Rocksmith Remastered library, it’s New Jersey’s own @OfficialSkidRow!

Let’s check out how the solve went down…

No GIF this week.

Oh boy… What song though?


Great news, FIVE songs!

Skid Row is an interesting one for music games, their debut was Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, with a WaveGroup cover of 18 and LifeKonami later threw their hat in the plastic guitar ring with Rock Revolution, which included yet another Skid Row cover of Youth Gone Wild, which next month was followed with Guitar Hero: On Tour’s take on the same song, which was once again- you guessed it, a cover.

Why has their never been an official master track of Skid Row in Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or any music game for that matter?

Blame Irene.

Thankfully Rocksmith has no need for audio stems, so it’s open season! Having said that, here is what we hope to see next week in this five pack!

What follows is speculation

You played it on plastic guitar and now…

This song certainly shows the band’s diversity

Two ballads in one pack? Why not!

Going to the 90s again?

So there you have it, DLC 999-1003 will be all about @OfficialSkidRow! Are you excited for this dose of 80s metal, or were you angling for more from a Top 40 Artist? Let us know!

Ricky is happy at least…