Song Speculation: Variety Pack XII brings Rusted Root to Rocksmith

Hello Rocksmith fans!

We were told that Variety Pack XII was coming, and here is the first song!

Let’s check out RollingStone222’s clue!

No hidden picture this week!

QuantumNiTE figured this one out

That fast?


From Wikipedia:

“The song makes use of nonsense phrases such as “oombayseeyou” and “seemoobadeeyah”.[6] These were added on the grounds that they sounded good and felt right and use of a dictionary word would not have been an improvement.”

What else could be coming in this pack? Well the only thing we have to go on is things will heat up.

What follows is speculation

A brand new artist to Rocksmith and music games in general. Are you excited for this song, or are you hoping the other three deliver? Let us know!