Rumour: Through the Fire and Flames DLC incoming?

Hello Rocksmith fans!

If you thought the Friday Clue threads could be hard, you haven’t seen anything yet. Ubisoft SF’s very own Paul Cross (@CrossieRS) posted this cryptic tweet earlier today in response to a question about the status of @DragonForce’s most famous and successful song, Through the Fire and Flames.

Unless Paul thinks people are happy when they don’t get things they want, I’d say all the signs point towards TTFAF’s imminent release, possibly for the upcoming Variety Pack XII DLC.

Since their debut in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, DragonForce have been a popular and highly requested addition to rhythm games. TTFAF alone has been featured in three Guitar Hero games, Konami’s GuitarFreak and in Rock Band 3 with a finger bleeding PRO guitar upgrade!

Have you been doing your finger exercises ready for this day or is this just not your speed? Let us know!

That would heat us up for sure




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