Speculation: Slash is headed back to Rocksmith


Do you speak Wingdings? Specifically Wingdings 3? Because if you do, then you might want to look at Dan’s new clue!


Here, take a look at this chart. It might help you out.


. How very interesting. Over on the Reddit, RodBeccaBears has an idea about what it could be. Now, we’re getting somewhere! But what of the woman behind the Wingdings? Who is she?


Anastasia Romanov, you’re a lie!

So, it would seem that all signs point to BandFuse mentor Slash. Here’s what we think the pack could look like. Also, fun fact, all of last night people kept calling me Slash. Coincidence? I think not!


Practically confirmed thanks to Dan’s hint.

Back from Cali

This song was plastered all over BandFuse’s trailers, so my gut says that we’re going to get it here, too.


Did you ever play Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock? Because this song was super fun on a plastic guitar, and I have a feeling it’ll be just as good on a real one!

We’re All Gonna Die

It is physically impossible to hate Iggy Pop. That is all I have to say about this one.

You’re a Lie

The other one that was practically confirmed thanks to Dan’s hint.

Of course, you never know. Maybe Slash is just PART of next week’s DLC! 😉

Are you excited for Slash? Do you wish we were getting Velvet Revolver instead? Are you sick of Myles Kennedy yet? Let us know in the comments!