Two more Indie tracks hit Rocksmith 2014


Wow, what an exciting week for Rocksmith fans! Not only did we get many of our questions answered, a fan video of Rocksmith 2014 in action, confirmation of Elephant by Tame Impala (pre-order bonus for ANZ), we also get two new indie tracks to look forward to!

First up is PAWS with Sore Tummy, which sounds like a cross between Sonic Youth, Silversun Pickups, and a little side portion of Dinosaur Jr.

PAWS bash out infectious, lo-fi, garage pop-rock that can quickly shift from cute melancholia to an unnerving territorial roar. On top of the pulsating fuzzy noise the 3 piece produce, sit dreamy melodies that bare the bones of their author.

Next is Magic Wands with their catchy female led song Black Magic. Cue the “I’d have preferred Slayer’s rendition” comments…

Magic Wands are a girl/guy duo formed by Chris and Dexy Valentine. They met in Hollywood in 2007 outside a gig while Chris was visiting Los Angeles from Nashville,Tennessee. A year later they re-connected when Chris found a song online by Dexy called “Teenage Love” they spent the entire summer 2000 miles apart staying up late on the phone and writing music together. The name of the band stems from the gift of a magic wand from Chris to Dexy while the two were living on opposite sides of the country. 

Are you digging these two songs? Let us know!