Rocksmith Gets Funky Next Week!

Well, all right, starchild Citizens of the universe, recording angels We have returned to claim the pyramids Partying on the mothership I am the mothership connection…

Whoa ok, I got a little bit too into next week’s Rocksmith DLC for a second but I have descended from the mothership to tell you that “we’ve got a real type of thing going down, getting down” can you dig it baby?… Read More “Rocksmith Gets Funky Next Week!”

Rocksmith PC Reveals Upcoming Rush and A7X DLC

On September 19th after getting a request on twitter for Baroness, Creative Director for Rocksmith Paul Cross (@CrossieRS) replied with the following:

It seems that on Friday night we got our answer to what that might be…

SomethingAwful forum members, Fina and @Kaboobi discovered some interesting file names in the index for the Rocksmith Steam Beta.… Read More “Rocksmith PC Reveals Upcoming Rush and A7X DLC”