DLC Round-Up: February 2017

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Welcome to the Rocksmith DLC Round-Up!

Before we get to February let’s see how you voted for last month!


Looks like the lads from @U2 came out on top, pop-punk is still well loved, and the 60s will never die! Variety will always have a place in our hearts, and don’t feel too bad Amy Lee…


This month kicked off with another dose of the 80s c/o Kenny Loggins, Twisted Sister, and Simple Minds, then we got the highly popular and oddly tuned @Coldplay six pack, we kicked it with The @BeastieBoys, and finally we got our eighth pack of Variety with artists like Candlebox, Kasabian, Tears for Fears, and another track from Steppenwolf!


Bassists had a little fun this month with tracks like Footloose (Kenny Loggins), Sabotage (Beastie BoysMagic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf), Underdog (Kasabian), and Yellow (Coldplay) I guess…

This bass line is so lethal it even tires @Audrey123talks out a fair bit

An iconic bass line finally in Rocksmith!

I guess they call it Acid Rock for a reason. Good luck with that section!

This crunchy electrosynth drenched bass line is a welcome addition to the catalog

Coldplay’s bass lines aren’t intricate or overly challenging, but as @DanAmrich says, they serve the song.

There were definitely a few fun guitar arrangements this month, let’s check out a couple!

There’s a lot going on here…

Come for the approachable riff and stay for the monster solo!

This is just really enjoyable to play

Get bendy!

Pfft this song is easy, wait a second… What is Kerry King doing here, ok it’s Slayer now…

Kenny Powers approves of this Seattle 90s hit

Even with the pitch shift/fadeout it’s still pretty awesome. More guitar than you thought!

Sleeper hit of the Variety Pack imo. So much fuzz gain.

February’s tunings were complicated thanks to a Coldplay six pack, they really like to tune things up a bit… Weird.

Arrangement E Standard Eb Standard Drop D Custom Tuning Capo
Lead 15 2 X X X
Rhythm 9 2 1 EABGBd# (2)

EADGCf (1)

Bass 13 3 1 X
Alt. Lead 4 X X 1
Alt. Rhythm X X X 1
Alt. Bass 1 X X X


E Standard, still standing strong 990 songs in!

Which brings us to the question on everyone’s mind

See you next month!

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March 5, 2017 11:10 am

coldplay in the lead? that is savagely disheartening. i thought we had taste!!!!

March 5, 2017 1:42 am

Tough call between the Beastie Boys and that Variety Pack. I may be one of the few people in the US who have never seen the Breakfast Club. For that reason, the songs don’t resonate as much with me as they do others.

Got too much love for hip hop, so MCA and the boys get my vote.

Now how about some,
King of Rock -- Run DMC
Electric Relaxation -- A Tribe Called Quest
It Was A Good Day -- Ice Cube
Not Leaving You Tonight -- LL Cool J

Do a little research on that LL Cool J song. Should be pretty easy to figure out why that one is on the list.