DLC Round-Up: October 2019

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Welcome to the October DLC Round-Up!

Before we get to October, let’s take a look at who you voted for as Best DLC of September 2019!

Looks like @HermanLi and @DragonForceHQ fans were out in a full force to vote Highway to Oblivion to the top, following behind is Icelandic bluesy rock band, Kaleo, followed by @StudleyGreg’s Easy Exercises. You weren’t too fond of Social Stars despite the shredtastic Ascend from @the_dooo, oh well!

October was a month of variety starting off with a song pack from Melodic-death metal band Amaranthe, followed by Intermediate Exercises 2, then the return of the Metal Mix pack featuring Children of Bodom, Death, and Machine Head. To show the insane contrast of the library, immediately after Metal, we got Indigo Girls and ended the month with a thematically in name only pack from Psychedelic Pop band, The Zombies.

Let’s see what bassists were playing in October!

Drop C, and a lotttttt of chugging

This is a fun albeit repetitive one


Nice work @pcgamingisted!

Nobody does it like Sara Lee

Sick groove!

The whole pack is fantastic on bass, but this was definitely my favourite


Guitarists had some work in October!

Drop tuned and loving it

Definitely my favourite of the pack

Best single of 2019?

Calm down halsb!

Grab that capo!

DADGBC and a Capo? That solo though!

2:03 – paging halsb to the DLC, paging halsb to the DLC


So apparently the whole team worked on this song, but it’s an odd one because they didn’t track what the organ is playing 1:1 instead it’s almost like a guitar accompaniment… Either way it’s tough!

Quite the smorgasbord of tunings this month!

Arrangement E Standard Drop D C Standard D Standard Drop C B Standard C Drop Bb Capo
Lead 3 X 1 1 2 1 1 2 + DADGBC
Rhythm 2 X 1 1 2 X 1 3
Bass 7 X 1 1 3 X X X
Alt. Lead X X X 1 X X X X

If it wasn’t for The Zombies, Drop C might have won 😲

Which brings us to the question on everyone’s mind…

See you soon!

artwork provided by @pcgamingisted
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