IGN Gives a Video Preview of Rocksmith

IGN.com recently threw an interesting video up on their YouTube account: a video preview of Rocksmith. The video shows us more gameplay than we’ve ever seen for the game and gives us a glimpse to how the game works and what activities, other than just playing songs, exist on the disc.

The gameplay shows a color-coded, mirror-like setup that allows gamers to line their hands up with the game’s display and play the notes on the correct string. Much like Guitar Hero/Rock Band, the game features different difficulty levels to allow players to learn more intuitively.

Check out the video below and see if Rocksmith really looks like it does a better job of teaching real guitar than Rock Band 3.

You may have noticed that the amount of latency is brought up as an issue for this game. Rocksmith has addressed this concern on facebook as pictured here:

It’s also interesting to note the vocals shown at the top and it has been confirmed that you can indeed sing along with your favourite songs!