Rocksmith DLC 12/20 – “A Very Rocksmith Christmas” FREE!

Note: This DLC no longer is available for download for any platform

Late last night a diligent Rocksmith fan was scouring the Internet for new information when he came across a new album on iTunes simply entitled “A Very Rocksmith Christmas”

The album is now free, and features arrangements of three classic yuletide songs including:

  • Carol Of The Bells by Seth Chapla
  • God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman by Brian Adam McCune (@BrianAdamMcCune)
  • We Three Kings by Versus Them (@VSThem)

Check it out here

Update December 20th, 2011: This DLC is Free!… Read More

PC Version of Rocksmith Delayed (May 2012?)

In completely unsurprising news @NaoHigo producer of Rocksmith posted on Rocksmith’s Facebook page that the PC version is most definitely being delayed, as for how long “The current plan is to have the PC version ready in May.” This is especially bad news for Xbox owners outside of North America as the PC version (which was expected to be released December 13th, 2011) was there last hope of playing the game on their console before the non-existen Europe release date.… Read More