Rocksmith Remastered DLC 7/18/2017 – 90s Mix III

Hello Rocksmith fans!

This week we are going back to the 90’s a third time!

As revealed previously the Canadian Heartland Rock anthem Life is a Highway by @TomCochraneMUS and Britpop [email protected]’s Alright will both make their music game debut (if you don’t count Red Rider) this week!

In addition to those two, returning artist @SpinDoctorsBand give us their lesser known funky single Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong (Xbox AU).

90s Mix III – $7.99 / Steam

It’s all E Standard this week!

Are you into the third incarnation of the 90s Mix Pack? Or have they still not delivered the era-centric content you are hoping for? Let us know!

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9 Comments on "Rocksmith Remastered DLC 7/18/2017 – 90s Mix III"

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I was pretty meh on this pack until I listened to the preview and watched the charts. Now I’m thinking I’ll get it. 🙂

Casey Blandford

Two of the songs are okay. One is not even on my radar. This pack is decidedly ‘meh.’ Its hard to find songs from the ’90s I don’t like, but Ubisoft has managed to put together a pack that is mostly uninteresting. Maybe next time.

Nicky Rosario

Seriously and way to tease Fastball “The Way”…smh.

Riff Repeater

Speculation is just that, speculation. You shouldn’t expect us to accurately predict songs in a mixed pack 🙂


Two songs I really like and the Supergrass song sounds okay on Bass so I’m in for the pack.

Joseph McMirra

7.5 outta 10, game informer scale

Dank Vader

I’m happy with all the songs

Chris S

At least the spin doctors have good bass parts but that supergrass song is either catchy or just annoying as shit


My wish is real O_O