Song Speculation: Tom Cochrane hits the open road with 90s Mix III

Hello Rocksmith fans!

The clue from RollingStone222 has been posted and solved, and it looks like we are headed back to the 90’s once again!

Let’s check it out:

That’s the Order Of Canada, I knew that!

Oh it’s another one of these clues!

This also fits the and hit the open road clue!

Well done!

Yes, this is the ORIGINAL song 🙂

What else could be in this 90s Mix III- uhhh three pack? Here’s some ideas…

What follows is speculation

This song has held up surprisingly well over the years

How bizarre would it be if Rocksmith was the first music game to get this?

I can dream right?

One song is not nearly enough

Are you excited for another dose of the 90’s? Or is the revealed track already putting you off? Let us know!