Rumour: Rush and Deftones in Rocksmith 2014?

Seems like there are more Unofficial Announcements these days than real ones from Rocksmith 2014.

Yesterday, Orange Amps released a statement about the addition of their gear in Rocksmith 2014. The following is an excerpt from the PR:

The game features a range of Orange Amps including the Rockerverb, Tiny Terror, AD and OR series amps plus speakers such as the PPC412 and OBC810. These can be used to play over 50 new songs, in a range of new modes, using a completely redesigned interface and includes classic amp modelling and tracks by Orange artists including Rush, Deftones and Mastodon. Plus for the first time ever you can jam with a virtual band that dynamically reacts to what is played by the guitarist through the chosen amps.

Wait a second, we knew about Mastodon with Blood and Thunder, but Rush and Deftones are definitely new!

What Rush song are you hoping it will be?

Here is the only good Deftones song, because Maynard.