Song Speculation: Third Eye Blind makes their Rocksmith debut

Hello Rocksmith fans!

To our US fans, we hope the Turkey is juicy and the stuffing is plentiful, everyone else… It’s Thursday!

Because of Thanksgiving (US) the clue was posted shortly after the livestream care of RollingStone22, check it out!

It’s a GIF, which means we had to unlock it

Great news!


For those curious, @ThirdEyeBlind has had their share of music game representation. In Guitar Hero 5’s DLC they received a three pack consisting of Can You Take Me, Losing A Whole Year, and Never Let You Go. Additionally the often maligned Guitar Hero Van Halen, featured their major hit single Semi-Charmed Life, as did the critically acclaimed but poorly selling DJ Hero. Warriors of Rock even had Graduate!

Rock Band’s RBN (Rock Band Network) service was also treated to 2009 re-records of @ThirdEyeBlind Semi-Charmed Life, Never Let You Go, and Jumper before the original recording of Jumper was released for Rock Band 4 this past July.

What three songs are we hoping to see join the confirmed Jumper?

What follows is speculation 

Can I graduate?

the world’s happiest song about Crystal Meth addiction!

How about a more down-tempo number?

Very catchy

Are you happy about this dose of late 90’s alt-rock/post-grunge to wrap up November? Or is this a band you’d rather not revisit. Let us know in the comments below.