BandFuse DLC 1/28 – “Singles and Backing Tracks”

The wait has been long BandFuse fans, but it is finally January 28th, which means DLC time!

Ten songs hit the BandFuse shop from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, BostonIncubus, Pantera, Yes, and more!

Coming with the 10 singles ($2.99/song) is a patch update with the notes detailed here.

One thing that has been pointed out by @SFentonX is that the file size of each song is considerably larger than we are accustomed to with previous music game DLC. Each song ranges from 50-100 MB.

Looking at the Xbox Live Marketplace there’s also two instrumental backing tracks, and a pack of five drum tracks from Marcus Henderson (@Hendersonix) to rock out with. At $1.99 each they should be worth a look.

  • Marcus Henderson “Funky Canon” – [XBL]
  • Marcus Henderson “Jazzy Chill Groove” – [XBL]
  • Marcus Henderson “Backing Beats Pack 1” – [XBL]


What do you think of the first installment of BandFuse DLC? Are you picking up all the songs? What about those that don’t own the game yet, are you considering a purchase now? Let us know!