BandFuse DLC 1/28 – “Singles and Backing Tracks”

The wait has been long BandFuse fans, but it is finally January 28th, which means DLC time!

Ten songs hit the BandFuse shop from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, BostonIncubus, Pantera, Yes, and more!

Coming with the 10 singles ($2.99/song) is a patch update with the notes detailed here.

One thing that has been pointed out by @SFentonX is that the file size of each song is considerably larger than we are accustomed to with previous music game DLC. Each song ranges from 50-100 MB.

Looking at the Xbox Live Marketplace there’s also two instrumental backing tracks, and a pack of five drum tracks from Marcus Henderson (@Hendersonix) to rock out with. At $1.99 each they should be worth a look.

  • Marcus Henderson “Funky Canon” – [XBL]
  • Marcus Henderson “Jazzy Chill Groove” – [XBL]
  • Marcus Henderson “Backing Beats Pack 1” – [XBL]


What do you think of the first installment of BandFuse DLC? Are you picking up all the songs? What about those that don’t own the game yet, are you considering a purchase now? Let us know!

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Is there any word on the next round of DLC?


It’s weird that I can’t find sales data for Bandfuse on VGChartz. According to them RS2014 already sold over 1 million copies between PC, x360 and PS3, and as far as I know this is not counting digital downloads.


I’m starting to hate ubisoft death, these DLC have no comparison with what has Rocksmith 2014, I hope this game comes out in Europe this year to enjoy it.


the files are probably bigger than normal because it comes with a music video too


I was wondering what the patch was (No DLC needed to get). Found answer at

Pretty long list of fixed things.


I hate this game. Played it 10 minutes then put it in a drawer and put rocksmith 2014 back in. Regret buying this game.

1. it’s hard to beat RS2014’s song library.
2. Reading scrolling tabs is a joke!
3. Session mode is better than any backing track this game could offer in my opinion.

Rocksmith 2014>band fuse nuff said. If jimi was alive he would have picked rocksmith not band fuse….(if either at all) can you dig it?


Scrolling tabs … Even the ordinary tabs looks better .. Like in guitar pro
Currently there is no reason to buy for me … And if they will release lots of same songs
as rocksmith … They will dig their own grave
The option to import/create own songs as earlier anounced .. That would be the hit ….
But like RS they want to make easy money with dlc songs .. Expensive and lots of shxxx


I’m amazed that you managed to learn to sight-read scrolling TAB in 10 minutes. Congratulations!


They said dlc is ten tracks once a month.


aside from Yes and Boston, none of the announced DLC makes me want to go buy BF.

still giving RS my attention and $$$. I’m sure that I’ll pick up BF eventually but, there’s nothing to really push me in that direction just yet.


I hope this is the start of many songs to come because the bandfuse platform is by far the best guitar game ever made in the history of the human race. If there is intelligent life outside of our planet they would likely have their entire society based on bandfuse




I picked up Skynard, Boston, Blues Traveler and all Backing Tracks.

Hey Elliot, Have you heard on a frequency of DLC for BF yet? I know this is the first DLC launch and a 2nd DLC launch would probably give THE indicator, but didn’t know if you had inside knowledge that you haven’t passed on (not that I don’t think you pass on everything you can to us) or I missed somewhere.

Still not trusting this game has some staying power and I don’t think they have earned my money with the broken promises and lack of communication about their product. We went from 50 DLC at launch to what 10 tracks 2 months later. I thought maybe at first they didn’t have the infrastructure for it but now they actually have DLC. What happened to the 50? Somthing about this title has just rubbed me the wrong way in the events leading to the launch as well as how they have continued after the launch and I doubt it is going… Read more »

Nice, huge DLC launch just as they promised. I’m getting most of them and will probably get the backing tracks.


I want ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot’ for a Rocksmith DLC, the bass line is amazing.


It is a fun one, but also very simple. Drop D all on the low string. Still fun though and I would buy it in Rocksmith.

I want more Incubus and Offspring on Rocksmith as well.


Man, I really hope RS gets some Yes too! Not really willing to shell out for this game. 🙁

Stephen Fenton

I’ve picked up everything except the backing tracks, Cowboys (already own it in RS), and All I Want (too short for the money). From what I’ve seen so far, Boston and Yes don’t have actual videos, so bear that in mind, folks! The tracks are all pretty great.