MOAR MUSE coming to Rocksmith 2014

Hello Rocksmith 2014 fans! It’s Friday which means Paul has given us a cryptic hint on twitter that definitely should resonate with longtime fans of both Rock Band and Guitar Hero:

It’s not just the Rock Band Forums meme of MOAR MUSE, though. Through a Steam leak we have seen that there is indeed a FIVE pack from MUSE on the way.

This was brought to our attention by Twitter user @NoahHoskins on Monday, when he was able to confirm the Disturbed DLC to be released the next day.

According to the leak the Muse songs next week are as follows:

A pretty good selection, would have liked to see “Dead Star” or “New Born” but hey, there’s always Muse Song Pack 02. This DLC will bring the Muse song count (including Rocksmith 2011 Import) to 8 songs, tying with Radiohead for most songs available.

I don’t have to tell you Muse is a highly requested band right? This is kind of a big deal.