Song Speculation: Pearl Jam begins life again on Rocksmith

Hello Rocksmith fans!

RollingStone222’s incredibly difficult clue has been solved and it has been revealed that we will FINALLY receive another pack from Seattle’s own, @PearlJam!

Let’s take a look at the clue, shall we?

This took awhile, but the password to unlock this GIF was “Cleveland”

This one was so hard that RS222 had to come help out…

Yeah, that did help…

Do we have a winner?

Very cool! This will bring the total @PearlJam songs in the Rocksmith Library to EIGHT!

What other songs are we hoping to see how up in next week’s five pack?

What follows is speculation

Did you know @RockBand has this whole album as DLC? Well, now you do…

two water songs in one pack

one of the best music videos ever

Definitely channeling Hendrix in this song a bit… Make me fries.

So there you have it, A newly minted Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, in the form of Pearl Jam II. Are you excited for five more songs from Eddie Vedder and the boys or are you hoping for something else in the coming weeks? Let us know!