Song Speculation: Stevie Ray Vaughan to flood Rocksmith with content


Hello Rocksmith fans!

Looks like we are crossing another artist off the Top 40 Requested list finally!

“A man in a hat”

Let’s check out @DanAmrich’s clue shall we?

8906 = 0x22CA from hex to decimal
7907 = 999
9706 = 2 hours 41 minutes 46 seconds to seconds
2109 = 3*19*37
1312 = 10100100000
3512 = DB8 hex to decimal
6709 – to decimal
1505 = decimal value of roman numerals MDV

= 4166

Whoops, in any event it unlocked this

Many people realized these were all dates and pictures of Texas Floods and @UbiParadise was right there to confirm it!

This isn’t SRV’s first appearance in Rocksmith as we were treated to a few of his licks via Born Under a Bad Sign

As for the other games, Texas Flood first appeared in Guitar Hero (2005) which reappeared in February 2009 along with the rest of the album for Rock Band 2 DLC. Once Rock Band 3 came out Pride and Joy even got a Pro Guitar upgrade!


Guitar Hero III featured a cover of Pride and Joy which was never resolved outside of On Tour (2008) which got a master track of the song. Finally with the release of Guitar Hero Live both Cold Shot and Crossfire have appeared via the GHTV service.



So knowing the past licensing agreements what might we expect to see in this Rocksmith DLC? We already know Texas Flood is on the way but what else could be in store for us next week?

What follows is speculation

There’s no way this isn’t in…

My wrist hurts just listening to it

Your tremolo game better be on point

Can you handle this phrasing?


Are you excited for another Top 40 artist to be added to Rocksmith? What four songs do you hope to see join Texas Flood? Or is this just way too above your skill level to even consider purchasing? Let us know!