Song Speculation: Thrice comes in for a three pack on Rocksmith


Hello Rocksmith fans!

Hope you enjoyed the 80s because it’s time for a brand new artist for Rocksmith!

Let’s check out RollingStone222’s clue.

Van Gogh in an ambulance? Shouldn’t he be in the back?

Could it be?

It is!

A new addition to music games!

This is the first time that @Thrice has ever had a song pack in any music game! Previously in Guitar Hero featured as DLC for Guitar Hero III in 2008, The Arsonist, in Guitar Hero World TourAll The World is Mad, and as an on-disc song on Guitar Hero 5, Deadbolt! Additionally in 2009 Image of the Invisible was released as a DLC for Rock Band 2.

What other two songs could be included in this song pack?

What follows is speculation

What a riff!

This seems likely

Maybe a more recent track?

Are you excited for this new band to be added to Rocksmith? Or is this one three pack you’ll be passing on? Let us know!