Speculation: More Foo Fighters are coming to Rocksmith 2014

Foo Fighters

Greetings Rocksmith fans!

It’s Friday, and the clue has been cracked. It looks like we’ll be getting our first repeat DLC after all!
It started when Dan posted this very familiar image:

11.14 clue joke

Which happens to be the same image used from last week’s DLC clue. The password tompetty revealed another GIF image hidden within:

DLC 11.14 clue

MentokMindTkr correctly identified it as the actor Michael McKeon from the movie Clue, which Jayrocks cracked using mrgreen as the password. This revealed yet another image:

11.14 clue

Those mysterious symbols on the sides turned out to be the Pigpen cipherwhich KyleMRob translated as “Pick Two” along the top left and “Name The Band” along the bottom right.

Which two weapons? Obviously the Rope and the Monkey Wrench of course, which Dan confirmed.

Yep, it’s Foo Fighters! This comes as particularly surprising since we’ve already gotten a Foo Fighters 5-pack back in December of 2012, making this Rocksmith’s very first repeat DLC pack.

Here’s what we’d like to see in addition to the confirmed tracks:

Are you excited for more Foo Fighters? Could we expect to see more repeat DLC packs in the future? Could this possibly coincide with the release of their new album and HBO television documentary series, Sonic Highways? Let us know in the comments below!


*taps nose* UPDATE THE SECOND: