Speculation: The Doors are coming to Rocksmith 2014

Greetings Rocksmith 2014 fans! If you follow us on twitter you may have noticed that last week Paul Cross (@CrossieRS) accidentally gave us a hint for this week’s DLC, last week. We of course were confused by it due to it’s overly Brit nature:

We of course assumed this was related to Vic Reeves mate, Bob Mortimer. This led us to think that perhaps the forthcoming DLC was either from Bob Dylan or Bob Marley.  Getting a Bob Dylan Pack would have been kind of a huge deal, seeing as how there had never been DLC from the prolific folk artist across both major music games (Guitar Hero and Rock Band).

Another theory was The Monkees seeing as how I’m a Believer was covered by them and EMF.


Ok, whatever could you mean Paul?? We started really reaching, and found out Vic Reeves had a robot named Dylan, ok so it has to be Bob Dylan right? Nope.

Well that takes care of Bob Dylan, as Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door is already on disc for Rocksmith 2014.

At this point we had absolutely nothing, until @VicSpaventa noticed that Vic Reeve’s real name, James Roderick Moir (Jim Moir) sounds an awful lot like Jim Morrison. Ok, a bit of a stretch right? Well, thanks to @pcgamingisted actually living in the UK, we finally had a strong link.

02:30 <pcgamingisted> the doors would be welcome
02:33 <pcgamingisted> on their show Shooting Stars, they had a guy called George Dawes
02:33 <pcgamingisted> and would often shout
02:33 <pcgamingisted> what’s the score George Dawes?

Suddenly we remembered something else on twitter…

That would be @SquirrellyNinja linking to John Densmore’s AMA on Reddit, who you may know as the drummer of The Doors.

Nailed it! As usual we are hoping for a 5 Pack from The Doors so these are the top 5 songs that we’d like to see:

Bonus arrangements on keyboard? Guess we’ll find out on Tuesday!