Rocksmith Battle Royale 2018: Victory Royale

Hello Rocksmith fans!

You voted for them so here are the results of the Rocksmith Battle Royale 2018!

Best Rocksmith DLC of 2018

Queen II – 42% of the Vote (225/533)

The Rolling Stones – 36.6% of the Vote (195/533)

Best halsb video of 2018

Cliffs of Dover (Master Mode) – 36.2% of the Vote (79/218)

Through the Fire and Flames (Alt. Lead) – 19.3% of the Vote (42/218)

Favourite Rocksmith video not featuring halsb

@Audrey123Talks “In Waves” – 31.8% of the Vote (42/132)

@PoedyGuitars & @superschwartz play “Murmaider” – 24.2% of the Vote (32/132)

Favourite Rocksmith Bass Video

@pcgamingisted “Sympathy for the Devil” – 37.7% of the Vote (40/106)

@Audrey123Talks (Kate) plays Gratitude – 29.2% of the Vote! (31/106)


So there you have it, the best of 2018! Did you vote for @QueenWillRock? Or was their final round inclusion enough to make you pick up The @RollingStones pack? Let us know!

Featured image provided by @pcgamingisted
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July 4, 2019 2:27 pm

Congrats to Queen, but too bad that they’ve been Fortniteifed, lol. I don’t think Fortnite kids would understand the classics. sips Monster.