Rocksmith DLC Battle 2017: The Riff Repeater Bowl III Winners!

Hello Rocksmith fans!

You voted for ’em, so here are the results for the Riff Repeater Bowl III!

Best Rocksmith DLC of 2017

Skid Row (51.4%) 331/644 Votes!

Alice in Chains II (48.6%) 313/644 Votes!

Skid Row wasn’t here to accept the awards (I think Sebastian Bach was checking out some model trains)

Best halsb video of 2017

Tornado of Souls (40%) 98/245 Votes!

Knights of Cydonia Alt. Lead (21.2%) 52/245 Votes!

Honourable Mention because I was dumb and forgot he FCd this in 2017…

Best Rocksmith Guitar video not featuring halsb (AKA best @DragonForce video)

@Audrey123Talks HSA – Through The Fire and Flames (Lead) – (31.9%) 65/204 Votes!

@superschwartz and @BrianSheu play DragonForce – (27%) 55/204 Votes!

Sorry @elisoncrz, only 38 people voted for your DragonForce video.

…. @DragonForce

Favourite Rocksmith Bass Video

Kate FCs “American Idiot” (35%) 50/143 Votes!

They grow up so fast….

MaxOnBass “Through The Fire and Flames” 99% (21%) 30/143 Votes!

Good work Max!

So there you have it, the best of 2017! Did you vote for @OfficialSkidRow? Or was their final round inclusion enough to make you pick up @AliceInChains pack? Let us know!

Featured image provided by @pcgamingisted


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March 26, 2018 12:10 pm

I can’t believe AIC lost, what a let down! ^_

March 26, 2018 1:00 pm

Wow. Forgot this poll was out there. I checked out following the quarters results.
Pearl Jam

were the top 4 for me with the 5th spot tied between Alabama Shakes and Steve Miller. All others get in line after that. Overall, 2017 was a great year for DLC, especially if you’re “open minded musically”.

Oh, and honorable mention goes to The Beastie Boys. Glad to see Ubisoft recognize hip hop. Hope to see more soon (Run DMC, ATCQ, DJ Quik, Ice Cube, Stetsasonic or the Roots, Dr. Dre, or anything produced by Organized Noise)

For all the bassists and rhythm guitarists, how about some Southernplaylisticadillacmuzik?