Rocksmith Remastered DLC 2/27/2018 – 60s Mix III

Hello Rocksmith fans!

We’ve reached the end of February’s DLC and it’s closing out the month with a third trip back to the 1960s!

As revealed over the weekend both @_DeepPurple’s Hush (Shades of Deep Purple – 1968) and Joe South’s Games People Play (Introspect – 1968) will be included in the pack. Before we reveal the third song it’s interesting to note that Joe South in fact, wrote Hush for Billy Joe Royal in 1967! #Licensing

Revealed by Xbox AU, off The Youngbloods 1967 self-titled album, it’s Get Together! 

If you don’t recognize this song by title, listen to the intro of this obscure band’s song…

60s Mix III – $7.99 / Steam

It’s a very capoble week…

Are you excited for this third incarnation of the 60s mix pack or are you still waiting for some funkier choices? Let us know!

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I didn’t realize I needed a “rubberbanderizer” pedal, but now I do!

What is that effect on Games People Play?

Riff Repeater

Not verified but according to Wikipedia T

he distinctive guitar in the opening is played on a Danelectro electric sitar


That makes a lot of sense…

Chris S

Krist novaselic sort of ruined that song it’s the only thing I can think about when I hear the original


i’m hoping this good vibes 60s pack means some contrasting darkness soon. its been a long time since we’ve had anything really moody, 2016 i think with the rob zombie pack and sepultura/pantera singles. the manson pack was cool but amon amarth are a bit on the nose with the viking glory

please can someone turn the lights down at ubisoft and embrace the darkness, last thing i bought was muddy waters in august and my hands are sore from requesting danzig


Capoble huh?…..nice. I see you.

Casey Smith

I didn’t know games people play or get together but after a couple listens, this may be pack of the year.


Guess I don’t like 60’s music as much as I thought. Maybe someday we’ll get some Janice Joplin, until then, thanks for “Hush” anyway.


There must be a reason why we haven’t gotten more Stones


Yeah, before Rocksmith it was Rock Band that introduced me to Gimmie Shelter. Patiently awaiting that Stones track, among others in RS.