Setlist Sunday: Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades


The first Guitar Hero On Tour was decently successful and for all intents and purposes a good way to play Guitar Hero on the go. That, combined with the might of the Guitar Hero brand by the end of 2008, was more than enough to warrant a sequel.

In November of 2008, we got just that with Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades. As the name implies, the idea behind the game is that each venue is themed around a different decade, with the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and “modern” tiers. This meant that as opposed to the traditional way of having each set get progressively harder, progression was now made by going further and further back in time.

While On Tour was relatively well liked, On Tour: Decades was heavily criticized for not improving on any of the features from On Tour, still having very poor sound quality, and the game still causing a lot of hand cramping.

One of the biggest criticisms, however, was thrown at the Guitar Hero brand itself, as within six months we’d seen Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Guitar Hero On Tour, Guitar Hero World Tour, and Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades all be released as full priced titles. This can be seen as the beginning of the over-saturation of the brand, although we’re still well away from what 2009 would bring…

A feature that Decades was praised for, however, was the “Share the Music” feature, which allowed players of both On Tour games to play against each other with a combined setlist from both games. While you couldn’t save the songs as an export once you disconnected, it was still great that you could easily play both setlists without having to switch cartridges.

Due to the fact that Decades was released so closely to Guitar Hero World Tour, a substantial amount of its setlist is shared with that game’s. They were as follows:

  • Blondie – One Way or Another
  • Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
  • Joe Satriani – Satch Boogie
  • Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way
  • Los Lobos – La Bamba
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama (Live)
  • Oasis – Some Might Say (Europe Only)
  • R.E.M. – The One I Love
  • Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (Europe Only)

As with On Tour, the setlist varied from region to region, with North America and Europe each having 7 exclusive songs in their 28 song setlist. Once again, convenience purposes we are consolidating the two setlists in to one 35 song list.

Of the 35 songs in GHOT: Decades, you can currently play 17 in Rocksmith 2014 for a total of 48%. This number is significantly up from On Tour’s 38%, and the second highest total percentage behind Rock Revolution’s 51%.

ArtistSongDate in Rocksmith
Alien Ant FarmSmooth CriminalN/A
The All-American RejectsDirty Little Secret09/08/2015
Blind MelonNo Rain01/15/2013
BlondieOne Way or AnotherN/A
Bon JoviYou Give Love a Bad Name12/02/2014
BostonRock and Roll BandN/A
The DarknessI Believe in a Thing Called Love07/10/2012
The Edgar Winter GroupFree Ride03/29/2016 **
Fall Out Boy"The Take Over, The Breaks Over"N/A
FinleyDiventerai una starN/A
Foo FightersThe Pretender11/18/2014
FreeAll Right Now06/16/2015
Guano ApesYou Can't Stop MeN/A
Jimmy Eat WorldThe Middle11/27/2018
Joe SatrianiSatch Boogie10/22/2013
JourneyAny Way You Want ItN/A
Lenny KravitzAre You Gonna Go My Way10/18/2011
Linkin ParkOne Step Closer01/06/2015
Los LobosLa BambaN/A
Lynyrd SkynyrdSweet Home Alabama (Live)10/18/2011 *
OasisSome Might Say01/14/2014
PerezaEstrella PolarN/A
PhoenixEverything is EverythingN/A
QueenWe Are the Champions10/22/2013
R.E.M.The One I Love02/04/2014
Red Hot Chili PeppersCan't StopN/A
Sammy HagarI Can't Drive 55N/A
The Smashing PumpkinsTarantulaN/A
Stone Temple PilotsDownN/A
SurvivorEye of the Tiger04/30/2013
Tokio HotelReady, Set, Go!N/A
Veruca SaltVolcano Girls04/24/2018
WeezerBuddy Holly01/21/2014

* Indicates the studio version of the track in Rocksmith.
** Indicates a re-recorded version of the track.

NOTE: The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” is only available as part of the Rock Singles Song Pack.


Here are a few songs from the setlist we wouldn’t mind seeing appear in Rocksmith.

Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm

Well, if we can’t get the original this cover will suffice. Also it’s got some killer riffs! Rock Band got it after all…

One Way Or Another – Blondie

We could always use more Blondie, and you know the bass line is catchy as well.

Rock and Roll Band – Boston

Nobody is ever going to complain about more Boston right? In any event this track is sorely missing from Rocksmith and I hope that changes soon!

The Take Over, The Breaks Over – Fall Out Boy

I know how a lot of you feel about bands like Fall Out Boy, but this is a really well written, catchy song with a fun to play riff. It even has a pretty great sounding solo care of features two guitar solos performed by guest guitarists Ryan Ross (formerly from Panic! at the Disco) and Chad Gilbert (from New Found Glory).

Tarantula – The Smashing Pumpkins

Honestly I would trade the whole five pack for this song…

Volcano Girls – Veruca Salt

It’s no secret how much we want this song in Rocksmith


There’s our picks, what songs would you like to see from Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades end up in Rocksmith 2014? Let us know!





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June 13, 2016 9:57 am

Didn’t realize that Guano Apes had a song in a GH game.

June 19, 2016 8:02 pm
Reply to  elemenohpe

There’s some really diverse stuff on the On Tour setlists. One of the games contains by far the best Sublime song ever licensed for a music game

June 13, 2016 3:08 am

Sammy Hagar. Ha! That song is such a… Je ne sais quois… Moving violation in the annals of bad boy rock?

Boston and RHCP for me. Middle and the Smooth cover, I’d take those.

June 12, 2016 6:10 pm

I would love to see
1. Blondie
2. Smashing Pumpkins
3. Veruca Salt
4. Jimmy Eat World
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Alien Ant Farm