Song Speculation: Beastie Boys sabotage Rocksmith next week

Hello Rocksmith fans!

The clue has been posted and solved! Looks like a new artist is coming to Rocksmith Remastered, with an act of vandalism!

Let’s take a look at @DanAmrich’s and RollingStone222’s puzzle this week…

Ahh the shameless cross-promotion of @ForHonorGame

What does it mean though?


tjdrico was too busy programming a script to decipher Dan’s puzzle!

You got it!

The Beastie Boys have had their share of music game appearances. On disc tracks such as No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Guitar Hero World Tour), Gratitude (Guitar Hero 5), Sabotage (Rock Band and Guitar Hero III), and So What’cha Want (Rock Band 2). They were also featured heavily in the DJ Hero series! As for DLC only Rock Band got two tracks Make Some Noise and of course NSLTB.

What other two songs could join this classic 1987 rap-rock anthem?

What follows is speculation:

God damn, how good is this music video? Definitely an act of vandalism (see: Sabotage)

Don’t care; want to play the flute on my guitar


Seriously I’ve been waiting for this song to come to a music game for soooo long!

Are you excited about the addition of three @BeastieBoys songs to @Rocksmithgame? Let us know!