DLC Round-Up: October 2016






Hello, Rocksmith fans!

Welcome to another edition of the Rocksmith DLC Round-Up! Before we look back at the month of October, let’s see how you voted for the month of September:

First, let’s see how you all voted

Well, it was obvious what you chose for last month! @Dreamtheaternet gets the majority of the votes with Variety Pack IV barely edging out @TheMisifts and the strangely tuned Staind only impressed 39/316 of y’all.

October was quite the month for @Rocksmithgame!

We started off with The Anniversary Pack which delivered some highly requested artists such as Bob Marley, Elvis, and Outkast! Next came another dose of the 2000s with Shinedown, The Fray, and Crossfade. We went back to back to prog town with a five pack from YES, and finally we got some more Zombie with three songs from @RobZombie and one from his old band White Zombie!

How was October for bassists? Here’s a few choice cuts.

One of the best recorded bass lines of all time

The YES pack is filled with amazing bass lines but this one is by far the most recognizable, to be continued…

Haters gonna hate, shake ’em off (like a polaroid picture)

Even a Zombie can play it!


Guitarists had a pretty good month as well

Just plain fun

Very approachable, of course until you get Howe’d by the solo

You already may own the original but this version might translate better to an acoustic jam

Fun on guitar also!

Long song is long

While a very E Standard month we still had a few anomalies, and some Alternate Leads! Check out @RobZombie with that C# Drop B.

Arrangement E Standard Capo Drop C Drop D Eb Drop Db D Standard Custom Tuning
Lead 14 1 2 1
Rhythm 13 1 1 2 1
Bass 15 1 1 1
Alt Lead 6


Which brings us to one question…

See you next time!