Rocksmith Remastered: 1000 Songs! Exclusive interview with Paul Cross and Brian McCune

Hello Rocksmith fans!

If you were paying attention to Social Media yesterday you may have noticed a few tweets from @Rocksmithgame celebrating 1000 playable songs in Rocksmith: Remastered!

The blog includes a very interesting infographic detailing a new Top 40 Requested Artist list!

New additions to the Top 40 list include:


Also, seems like some artists have dropped off the in demand list:

Very interesting…

In addition to the infographic, there’s going to be quite the giveaway tomorrow to celebrate!!

If that doesn’t fully illustrate just how much musical variety we offer across 1,000 songs, maybe owning the whole library yourself will drive the point home. Join us for our weekly developer livestream this Thursday at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern/10pm UTC, where we play some new songs, answer some questions, and give away great prizes from Ernie Ball. This week, there’s even more free stuff: One viewer will receive the entire Rocksmith library for Steam. Someone’s going to win both Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered, playable on PC or Mac, plus the additional 900 or so songs we’ve released, from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” right up through Skid Row’s “I Remember You.” We’ve never done this before and we’ll probably never do it again, so join us this at this Thursday for your chance. Someone’s going to win it all; why not you?

That would make switching to PC/Mac all the easier, wouldn’t it?

Also, be sure to check out the absolute mad man @elisoncrz as he attempts to play all 1000 songs on Twitch.TV

How long is that going to take exactl-

… o-Oh…


Yesterday, @UbisoftStudioSF was nice enough to allow me to sit down with Manager of Musical Content, @BrianAdamMcCune and Director of Design, Paul Cross (@CrossieRS) regarding Licensing, Our wonderful community, the request app, and of course… Metallica.

Here’s to 1000 more songs!!