Song Speculation: Paramore crushcrushcrush’s the first DLC of 2018

Happy New Year Rocksmith fans!

Hope you enjoyed that little break with The Man in Black, but it’s time to get back into the swing of things with another clue from RollingStone222!

Oof! That’s a GIF


Dammit Wesley!

Password: Wesley

Looks like Spy vs. Spy

Paramour and Wesley CRUSHer?

Looks like you nailed it!

Even more confirmation!

Nicely done, and it’s a SIX PACK! (Our fourth one)

Paramore has only had one song in Rocksmith 2014, and it’s part of the on disc setlist!

Since the release of Rocksmith 2014, there has been an out-pour of requests for more songs from @Paramore

I’m sure fans remember this tweet exchange!

Paramore is however no stranger to other music games, with their debut being crushcrushcrush as Rock Band DLC in 2008 followed up by the release of Guitar Hero World Tour featuring @yelyahwilliams as a playable character to perform Misery Business with. Rock Band didn’t stop there as over the years they’ve received three on disc songs That’s What You Get (Rock Band 2), Misery Business (Rock Band 3), Still Into You (Rock Band 4) a song pack in 2012 featuring Brick by Boring Brick, Ignorance (which is also in the ill-fated Powergig), and The Only Exception. Rock Band also received Pressure via the Fueled by Ramen DLC, and last but not least as a single in June 2017 (care of Rock Band VR)Ain’t It Fun.

Before their hiatus Guitar Hero’s final DLC release actually contained two songs from Paramore, including Ignorance, and That’s What You Get. It wasn’t until 2015 with Guitar Hero Live (GHTV), that they added Now, Monster, and finally Still Into You.


Knowing all of that, what is in store for us for the other five songs next week?

What follows is speculation

Confirmed by Newsletter

Wouldn’t be a Paramore pack without this song…

Gotta have some new stuff…

Not everyone is tired of this from Rock Band, I swear…

hopefully this riff will be our new best friend

If we can’t get this I’ll settle for a Refused song pack

So it begins, we have the first DLC of 2018 on the way and it’s a SIX pack from a Top 40 Requested Artist! Are you excited for this or are you going to passpasspass? Let us know!

Good thing you don’t have to sing in Rocksmith *phew*