DLC Round-Up: January-April 2019

Hello Rocksmith fans!

I apologize, I fell behind on doing these articles (January-April is a really hectic time for me work wise) and as a result we are halfway through the year with not one article. So my solution is to speedrun through January to April so we can still do the end of the year vote for Best DLC!

Let’s proceed!


We kicked off the year with a song pack from the legendary Chuck Berry, the return of Paramore, and the 20th Variety Pack featuring Les Paul & Mary Ford, Deep Blue Something, Wheatus, and Thin Lizzy. Finally it was the speedy return of Queen with their third song pack!


The month of looove started with a return to the 90s with returning artists Green Day and Stone Temple Pilots, and newcomer Joan Osborne, next up we got a pack from historical Power Metal band Sabaton, fast forward to the 2000s with yet another track from blink-182, and new artists Drowning Pool and Fountains of Wayne. To end the month we returned to Variety with the 21st pack which included Fuel, Clutch, Gin Blossoms, and Warren Zevon.


March was a powerful month, with Heart finally getting their song pack, followed by the shredtastic Night Ranger. Next up a big request was fulfilled via 70s Mix V, featuring Funkadelic, Commodores, and The Hollies! Next up was a third pack from Radiohead and to close out the month Swedish pop rock legends Roxette.


We started April off a bit folky with a pack from Cat Stevens, then we went straight into variety with our 22nd pack featuring Dishwalla, Ghost, Annihilator, and Wanda Jackson. Next up was another trip to the 2000s with Andrew W.K, Coldplay, and Angels & Airwaves, followed by the return of Greta Van Fleet!

There you have it, all caught up! Thanks for your patience and see you tomorrow for the reveal of June’s first DLC week!

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