2019, a Rocksmith DLC Year in Review

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Hope you are getting ready to celebrate the coming of 2020 with your friends and family (or your Guitar and Bass). Either way we thought we’d look back on some of our personal favourite selections from the past year!

Thanks to @pcgamingisted for the excellent visuals!

@OsagaTheGreatVariety XX

@BestFenton – Variety XX

Elliott – Variety XX, mostly for Thin Lizzy and Wheatus but I gotta say those Paramore bass lines were fun!

@OsagaTheGreat – 90s Mix VI

@BestFenton – Variety XXI

Elliott – Sabaton, even if Ghost Division hurts my hand a lot

@OsagaTheGreat70s Mix V

@BestFentonNight Ranger

Elliott – Radiohead, duh

@OsagaTheGreatCat Stevens

@BestFenton2000s Mix VI

Elliott – Variety XXII, fantastic choices

@OsagaTheGreatCyndi Lauper

@BestFenton – Cyndi Lauper for lack of a better choice

Elliott – The Notetrackers (Classic Melody) but I’ll go on record saying I play “She Looks So Perfect” a lot

@OsagaTheGreatRockin’ Covers II (Only for Nightwish… Barely)

@BestFenton –  Rockin’ Covers II with honourable mention to “The Con”

Elliott – Rockin’ Covers II with a shoutout to “The Con” on Bass

@OsagaTheGreatManic Street Preachers

@BestFentonThe Pretty Reckless tied with Indie Rock

Elliott – Manic Street Preachers for 🏍 Emptiness on it’s own

@OsagaTheGreat – Jim Johnston (Wrestling Theme Song Pack)

@BestFentonBloodhound Gang, even though Gary Moore was the better guitar week, and Orianthi was so much fun

Elliott – Gary Moore, mostly for “The Loner” but Women Who Rock II is VERY solid

@OsagaTheGreat – Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

@BestFentonKaleo (wish we got Glass House)

Elliott – Social Stars, thanks @Audrey123Talks

@OsagaTheGreat –  The Zombies

@BestFentonMetal Mix II (Finally got that phaser riff ughhh)

Elliott – Metal Mix II but overall a very solid month

@OsagaTheGreatPat Benatar

@BestFenton – Pat Benatar

Elliott – Pat takes it, but Shuggie Otis is becoming a regular part of my playlist


@BestFentonAerosmith, but I’d have to break it down by singles

Train Kept-a Rollin’ > Mamma Mia > Pork and Beans > Love in an Elevator > Perfect Situation > Dancing Queen > Fernando > Crazy >>>>>>>> Beverly Hills

Elliott – I have to choose? Aerosmith overall takes it, but a strong end to 2019!

Get ready to vote for your favourite DLC of 2019 in the Rocksmith DLC Battle 2019!

See you Friday!

Check out the full infogram here!

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